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Partnering with Businesses to Build Safer Workplaces

At IQ Safety Solutions, our mission is to partner with businesses to build safer workplaces.


Based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, our team of experienced safety experts specializes in providing tailored solutions for organizations looking to develop or enhance their health and safety programs. With a deep understanding of industry regulations, best practices, and various operational environments, we work closely with our clients to identify safety gaps, develop customized strategies, and implement effective health and safety initiatives.


We are committed to helping our clients create robust safety cultures,  reduce incidents, and protect the well-being of their employees, contractors, and stakeholders.

Safety solutions for your team made simple


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Fractional Safety Consulting

Our fractional safety consultants are experienced safety experts who work on a part-time or contract basis, providing strategic guidance and support to organizations.

Health and Safety Audits

Our internal and external safety audit services are designed to assess the effectiveness and compliance of your organization's safety program.

Health and Safety Program Development, Implementation and Maintenance

We can assist with developing policies, procedures, safe work practices, emergency response plans, training programs, and other elements of a robust health and safety program.

Serious Incident Investigations

Our serious incident investigation services are designed to thoroughly investigate incidents and accidents that occur in the workplace.

Health and Safety Prequalification Assistance

Our health and safety pre-qualification services are designed to assist companies in navigating and managing various health and safety pre-qualification systems, such as Avetta, ISNetworld (ISN), ComplyWorks, etc.

Workplace Safety and Health Orders Assistance

Our workplace safety and health order assistance service is designed to provide organizations with expert guidance and support in responding to workplace safety and health orders issued by regulatory authorities. 

Health and Safety Training

Our training programs are designed to be engaging, informative, and practical, incorporating interactive learning methods, real-world examples, and best practices.

Health and Safety Tender Completion

Our Health and Safety Tender Completion service is designed to provide clients with peace of mind during the tendering process

About Us

We are a team of dedicated safety experts who specialize in providing comprehensive solutions for organizations seeking to enhance their health and safety practices. With our years of experience, we have honed our expertise in a range of areas, including serious incident investigations, health and safety initiative development and implementation, enhancing health and safety cultures, health and safety contractual bidding, and the development of company-wide and project-specific health and safety management systems.

At IQ Safety Solutions, we take pride in our ability to foster strong partnerships with our clients. We believe that safety is a collective responsibility, and we work collaboratively with leadership teams to build a robust safety culture that is ingrained in the DNA of their organizations. Our goal is to provide practical and sustainable solutions that not only meet regulatory compliance but also enhance the overall safety performance and well-being of our client’s workforce.

Contact us today to learn more about how IQ Safety Solutions can help your organization achieve safety excellence and create a safer work environment for your employees.

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